Impact of not replacing the refrigerator water filter

Large amounts of materials from other water sources can seep into underground pipelines and reservoirs, causing pollution after municipal treatment. Remember, the water in Flint, Michigan was considered safe for a long time, but it was not. Here are the top three issues to worry about and an overview of how each issue enters your … Read more

Why should I replace the refrigerator water filter?

Bad water Another important feature of the filter is the elimination of the bad taste in the water. If you do not change the filter, your water will smell sulphur/metal. To ensure that you get the best taste from the fridge, you must buy quality filters and make sure to replace them regularly. Good water … Read more

Please don’t forget to replace the refrigerator air filter

The long-term storage of food in the refrigerator may expire when we come back from a holiday. Expired food, mold and other mysterious smells are both unpleasant and unhealthy. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent odors and even bacteria from growing. Only need to properly maintain your refrigerator air filter! By changing the refrigerator air … Read more

Cleardrop Refrigerator Water Filter 2

Cleardrop EDR2RXD1, W10413645A, 9082 refrigerator water filter 2, which can reduce 24 kinds of impurities in the water and make the water taste better. A refrigerator water filter can replace about 1500 bottles of water. Drink filtered water and enjoy a healthy life. Why do we always say that the refrigerator filter element needs to … Read more